A Revolution in Sustainability & ESG 

Access Sedex's market study to revolutionise supply chain and ESG practices, redefining sustainability norms.

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Who Participated?

This research was only possible with the diverse range of companies included in the study. We captured a broad market view, from high-performing SMEs to multinationals. All participants achieved annual revenues between $500M and $10B, giving you insights from leaders facing similar challenges.

The Game-changing Study

Sedex commissioned an exclusive market study, shedding light on the key statistics and trends shaping sustainability and ESG in North America and Europe. This in-depth report sources direct data from contributors and contains valuable insights obtained from direct interviews with manufacturing and retail supply chain executives. 

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Key Takeaways

Research reveals key trends and challenges driving ESG agenda in supply chains.

Going beyond compliance to achieve true sustainability.

Leverage findings to challenge the status quo and create meaningful impact.

Learn from industry peers to implement changes.

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