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Optimising Supply Chain Sustainability

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The Game-changing Study

Sedex commissioned an exclusive market study, shedding light on the key statistics and trends shaping sustainability and ESG in North America and Europe. This in-depth report sources direct data from contributors and contains valuable insights obtained from direct interviews with manufacturing and retail supply chain executives. 

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Key Takeaways

Identify and facilitate compliance with existing and upcoming national and international laws

Onboard your suppliers and collect and analyse their data on one centralised platform

Enhance customer loyalty and lead to increase profitability and revenue retention through supply chain resiliency

Why Sedex?

Sedex is a global supply chain data-driven insights SaaS platform that offers Consulting and professional services to help businesses create more sustainable supply chains. Over 75,000 companies rely on Sedex solutions. The platform is the world’s largest data platform for storing, analysing, sharing and reporting on sustainability practices. Joining the Sedex community is your ticket to sustainability, giving you the insights you need to operate more responsibly.